W Group is a management holding with a diversified portfolio managing and investing in DOOH Media & Technology:

Our Vision is to exceed global standards in OOH Media Technology by leading the digital transformation in the region through rejuvenating today’s classical methods.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with a holistic range of innovative tools & services to maximize their reach for greater business impact, reinforcing our market positioning as the region’s leading tech company in DOOH media.

Empowering brands to grow stronger through Smart DOOH Media Experiences. Our network in the UAE is a combination of powerful technologically led media, strategic prime locations, and data measurement tools.

Designing technology around people through Smart Solutions, Consultancy, Digital Experiences, and Creative Content Management, empowered by data analytics and real-time measurements.

Digital OOH is an Experience

As the UAE emerges into the Global Hi-Tech World, W Group’s entities, Hypermedia and DigitAll working synergistically, will equally position the group as the leading tech hub in Digital Out-Of-Home Media.

Chairman & Group CEO

W Group Journey

Great things start small! From ushering in in-store trolley branding in 1999 to become the leading OOH technology company in the region.

If there is one thing we know about W Group, it is that they are focused on growth. One of the driving forces that kick-started W Group’s journey of success throughout the past years is one of its entities Hypermedia which revolutionized the digital out-of-home (OOH) industry in the UAE through the combination of powerful technologically led media and strategic locations. 

The Council

W Group has always been about people.
Our team thrives in a culture that celebrates diversity.



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