Habib Wehbi

Digital OOH is an Experience 

As the UAE emerges into the Global Hi-Tech World, W Group’s entities, Hypermedia and DigitAll working synergistically, will equally position the group as the leading tech hub in Digital Out-Of-Home Media, to create greater business impact through interactive DOOH media experiences, smart solutions, digital engagement, and creative content management, empowered by data analytics and real-time measurements. 

While it’s no wonder that data-driven campaigns are up-and-coming, we have invested heavily in technologies and smart solutions to revolutionize the OOH industry, by creating a data ecosystem that allows a proper involvement between OOH suppliers, marketers and people, an opportune moment to all parties to improve their positioning, their brand image, and their audience engagement.

In the era of digitalization, when smart cities are booming, and citizens are exposed to a wide spectrum of media architypes, infinite possibilities can be harnessed via data. In a nutshell, data leverage answers the needs of advertising brands as per their campaign objectives.

The group works vigorously on reshaping the OOH media scene in the region, by transforming the current advertising industry into a top-tier futuristic, dynamic, and experiential ecosystem, and bringing global innovative solutions combining it with the latest AI, machine learning and data technologies.

On the communal level, we claim our social responsibility to support community causes, as we believe we have both the reach and means to spread the good word and create serious change regionally.


Chairman & CEO