The Journey

W Group Journey

Great things start small! From ushering in in-store trolley branding in 1999 to become the leading OOH technology company in the region.

If there is one thing we know about W Group, it is that they are focused on growth. One of the driving forces that kick-started W Group’s journey of success throughout the past years is one of its entities Hypermedia which revolutionized the digital out-of-home (OOH) industry in the UAE through the combination of powerful technologically led media and strategic locations. Hypermedia quickly climbed the ranks throughout the years! In 2003, it established the first in-store media in UAE with a full assortment of media products that target every part of the in-store consumer journey. It further expanded to establish an impactful in-mall network in the region through its exclusive partnership with Dubai Mall, which was an important breakthrough in setting foot in other preeminent malls in the UAE. Additionally, Hypermedia went flat out for outdoor advertising when it yielded the largest long-term outdoor contract in the UAE with RTA for the investment and management of the Dubai Metro. By being a key contributor to Dubai’s OOH media infrastructure, a giant tech hub today with a promising prominence in the future, it has been aligned with the same vision; and since then, Hypermedia has been undertaking the planning of advertising spaces as well as the designing, handling media naming rights, operating, and marketing of advertising services at Dubai Metro. As much as anything to say: not only is W Group posing itself as the advanced leading OOH technology company in the region, but also entitled to the largest and most advanced network in the UAE today!

This success story isn’t limited to the Hypermedia pole and doesn’t stop here! DigitAll, another member of the W Group family, joined forces with Hypermedia to ignite its digital transformation and has been building innovative media assets, delivering the same to the latter, and creating interactive experiences through an array of services: Content Management System (CMS), Signage Consultancy, OOH Data Analytics, Digital Creative Services, and Digital Smart Solutions.

As such, DigitAll has been an ally of Hypermedia, and these entities were committed to going the extra mile and spawning a leap that added to a more powerful impact in the world of OOH.

W Group is still rising as the leading technology company in the OOH media. It is always following the latest futuristic innovations and keeping up with the latest approaches, such as incorporating data measurements and smart solutions to pioneer the field. It is currently delving deeper into the power of data to harness its maximum potential before both media suppliers and customers! It’s picking up speed, evolving its services, breaking the limits, and always on the hunt for disruptive solutions that will put experience and technology in media in the region on the threshold of revolution!