W Group and MENA Effie Thought Leadership Program Explore “The Full Potential of Immersive Marketing”


W Group and MENA Effie Thought Leadership Program Explore “The Full Potential of Immersive Marketing”

Dubai – March 2023

W Group CMO Ghada El Kari moderating the MENA Effie panel discussing the potential of immersive marketing.

Immersive marketing has become an increasingly popular marketing technique for brands seeking to engage customers in a meaningful way in the UAE. By creating immersive experiences, brands can enhance customer engagement, improve brand perception, gather, and measure valuable insights about their target audience. As technology continues to advance in the MENA region, we can expect to see even more innovative and exciting immersive marketing experiences in the future.

MENA Effie Thought Leadership Program took the initiative in Dubai last week and held a panel titled “leveraging the full potential of immersive marketing: Challenges and Opportunities”, moderated by W Group CMO Ghada El Kari with the participation of Heba Sayed – Strategy Leader, IBM Hybrid Cloud and AI, Middle East and Africa – IBM, Mohammed Ogaily – VP Product – Anghami, and Tamkanat Raza – E-commerce & Digital Marketing Manager – Electrolux.

The speakers discussed the importance of immersive marketing, or what is called experiential marketing, in a world where almost 82% of consumers buy from a brand because they feel emotionally connected to it rather than because of its products and services, engagement is paramount. And what better way to engage audiences than by immersing them in your brand’s universe?

Many organizations including W Group and its two entities Hypermedia – the Out-of-Home media arm of the group, and DigitAll – the tech arm of the group, are using new technologies such as virtual, mixed, or augmented reality, to transform DOOH in the UAE into a digital experience allowing brands to offer customers shared experiences that make them feel part of the story and give them a new perspective on something they already know.