W Group’s Hypermedia on Route 2020: The Ultimate OOH Media Experience


W Group’s Hypermedia on Route 2020:

The Ultimate OOH Media Experience

By Communicate Staff
October 2021

Hypermedia, a subsidiary of W Group, is undertaking a major part in creating the journey of Route 2020, leading to the world’s largest and most global event to ever take place, bringing in more than 25 million visitors and 192 countries, using its wide bundle of assets, from bridges, pillars, lampposts, and verticals to smart, interactive screens inside the Dubai Metro. This network is spread across Route 2020 and its metro stations, by far the most technologically advanced on all levels.

They are equipped with the most high-end smart displays providing smart solutions and an interactive experience for all the visitors, all of that built into a very futuristic design that would set this station apart from all the other metro stations.

The aim was for Hypermedia, through its acquired OOH media assets, to get both brands and visitors of Dubai to embark on an interactive journey that would eventually lead them to the largest cross-national event on the globe.

W Group Trident

W Group, a key regional player and high-tech media powerhouse consisting of three entities (Hypermedia, DigitAll, and RedPeg Middle East), was established with the aim of providing 360-degree marketing and media solutions.

It all started with Hypermedia, the leading digital out-of-home (DOOH) media company in the region, that managed – through its several partnerships with governmental entities such as the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai – to display unprecedented growth and return on investment (ROI) resulting from the outcome of the private/public sector partnership (PPP).

Since day one, Hypermedia has evolved, learned, and grown to change the face of the digital out-of-home industry in the UAE, through a combination of powerful, technologically-led media and strategic locations, resulting in its takeover of more than 60% of the key media assets across the UAE.

– The Dubai Metro: 53 stations, 125 trains, and Route 2020, reaching over 600,000 riders per day.
– Malls: 36 nationwide malls attracting more than 306 million shoppers annually and generating over five million impressions monthly.
– Outdoor: Other than its metro network media assets, Hypermedia has 53 prime outdoor locations targeting people on the move.
– Hypermarkets: 280 Hypermarkets reaching over 24 million shoppers per month in the UAE alone.

Route 2020 metro stations are by far the most technologically advanced on all levels.

On the other hand, DigitAll, the tech arm of the group, provides high-end smart solutions and content management for innovative interactions on DOOH and mobile media, empowered by data analytics and real-time measurements.

The third entity of W Group is RedPeg Middle East, an independent experiential marketing and brand engagement agency. RedPeg ME brought the concept and the experiential marketing know-how to the region from its sister company, RedPeg Marketing, based in Washington, DC. This allowed the group to shift the mindset of the market toward a more international outlook on engagements and tailor-made consumer journeys.

In its recent history, W Group had to deal with several global setbacks that put it at crucial crossroads, having to either pack up and go home or adapt and survive. But having the challenge-driven mindset that they do, W Group chiseled out its own third lane and decided to further expand and grow.

It created fresh business opportunities, expanded its team – its biggest asset – and went head-first to tackle obstacles that ranged from the COVID-19 pandemic all the way back to the global financial crisis of 2008.

When faced with deadlocks, W Group thinks and looks for great opportunities that lie within the inlays of every crisis. In this fast-progressing age that we live in, it is forced to be utterly creative in its business development process and bring to the table that which only they can cater for.

W Group is fully aware that the future lies within digital advertising combined with big data and measurement.

This is why the group is increasing its efforts to provide clients with real-life measurements for the audience of its media assets.

Its advanced targeting and measurement solutions would allow clients to reach the target-specific audience, keep track of their campaign, and generate accurate reports easily.

We live in a data-driven era, and data is vital when it comes to smart-targeted media campaigns, narrowing down potential target audiences, and maximizing assets and resources, ultimately for a higher ROI. In this breakthrough transformative phase, DigitAll will be spearheading the charge in revolutionizing this industry with the eventual aim of positioning W Group, along with its three entities, as the leading DOOH tech company in the MENA region.

“At the moment, we are in the execution phase of all the projects we have been developing last year, in alignment with Dubai’s vision and the global requirements in terms of digitization and improvement for an eco-friendly system,” Habib Wehbi, Chairman and CEO of W Group, said on the current expansion phase of the group.