Wehbi to IHRC: The Most Important Business Asset is People


Habib Wehbi to IHRC: The Most Important Business Asset is People

June 2022

Habib Wehbi addressing IHRC 2022

In a message addressed to the International Human Resource Conference (IHRC 2022), W Group Chairman and CEO Habib Wehbi emphasized that “the most important asset in any business, is its people.”

He added “I have always believed that the real value of a company is not measured by its financial capital but rather by the human capital we invest in.”

Wehbi considered, “human resources are the driving force behind any company’s growth and expansion, which is why we aim to create the proper environment where our people can learn, progress and thrive.”

He concluded that, “the relentless power of our team, whose hard work, talents, and dedication have built the group’s reputation as the leading Digital OOH media company in the region. We are keen on equipping our workforce with the most innovative technologies that enable us to achieve our common goals and objectives together.”

W Group, a subsidiary of W Ventures Holding, along with its two entities, Hypermedia and DigitAll, was the Gold Sponsor of IHRC 2022, establishing a solid partnership to support such imperative leadership events.