Hypermedia’s Network Expansion for a True Impact in Today’s OOH Lies in AI and Data


Hypermedia’s Network Expansion for a True Impact in Today's OOH Lies in AI and Data

By Campaign Middle East
November 2023 
Hypermedia leveraging the latest smart technology for most impactful DOOH advertising

Hypermedia’s latest innovations in data and Out-of-home & Retail media network expansion are prominently featured in the Campaign Middle East OOH Guide 2024 MENA, as highlighted in the following article. 

Widely recognized as the Creators of Impact, Hypermedia – the leading tech company in the DOOH (Digital Out-of-home) industry – brings forth its network expansion in parallel with its commitment to leveraging the latest smart technology for most impactful OOH advertising. The unveiling of its latest acquisitions and strategic partnerships along with its determination are revolutionizing DOOH advertising through innovations in Data Measurement and AI Technologies. 

After crossing a milestone in leveraging the power of the latest smart technologies with data analytics and real-time audience measurement to run hyper targeted campaigns, Hypermedia–subsidiary of W Group– has been expanding this impact and scaling its network by clocking up key indoor and outdoor locations. 

This initiative didn’t start afresh. Hypermedia has already started rolling out real-time data measurement, in collaboration with Advertima, across Dubai Metro stations initially, then in malls and in-stores, and eventually throughout all indoor settings. 

Bringing Smart Solutions and Media Contributions to Expo City Dubai’s OOH 

In this regard, Hypermedia took a significant jump by securing the exclusive OOH advertising media rights of Expo City for the coming 10 years. 

Expanding its OOH media impact to this dynamic city marks a victory in the post-Expo 2020 era, embodying sustainable urban development and aligning seamlessly with the UAE’s growth vision. This hub of innovation, culture and education, welcoming a diverse global audience and retaining 80% of Expo-built infrastructure, positions itself uniquely to harness media attention, offering avant-garde technology and media offerings.  

Hypermedia succeeded in commercializing this milieu by converting assets into tech-powered and smartly-driven experiential activation spaces, collaborating with DigitAll– the tech arm of W Group. Both have been establishing a robust data ecosystem that facilitates purposeful engagement between media suppliers, brands and their target audiences.  

However, this measurable impact has exceeded expectations, as Hypermedia has been keen on providing consumer insights to advertisers within all indoor spaces, including retail environments, where a seamless connection between retailers and customers thrives.  

Enabling UAE’s Signature Retail Destinations with Smart, Cutting-Edge Technologies 

As of May 1, 2023, Hypermedia has won the exclusive out-of-home (OOH) Media Rights for Reem Mall. This acquisition isn’t merely another addition to its network; it’s a pivotal leap forward with a world-renowned shopping mall, as Reem Mall is Abu Dhabi’s signature retail, leisure, dining, and entertainment destination. Located in the new heart of the capital, this mega-mall evolves to become the premiere hub for a wide range of international and local brands with something for everyone, thereby standing ideal for impactful advertising.  

With a commitment to install, maintain, and oversee Reem Mall’s expansive media network, Hypermedia is boasting over 200 cutting-edge digital signages and promotional arenas in this mall, a digital tapestry that does not only underpin the company’s leadership in the UAE’s OOH advertising realm, but solidifies its regional stewardship in retail media and OOH digital transformation. 

The fusion of audience measurement and analytics with Hypermedia has birthed an ecosystem where personalized messaging and deals for every shopper are seamlessly in tune with individual preferences, all while being optimized and efficient. By synergizing Reem Mall’s state-of-the-art facilities with smart triggers, The Creators of Impact are unlocking countless measurable marketing opportunities and empowering marketers to maximize their ROI. The arsenal of analytics tools promises credible, real-time reporting, showcasing metrics like audience traffic, impressions, qualified views, and view times. This validation of ad performance and the ability to discern top-performing ads marks a turning point. 

René Bridge: An Epic Tech-led Expansion of Z Gallery 

The strategic inclusion of the 13th digital bridge into Hypermedia’s prestigious “Z Gallery – Art of Media” is a notable stride, particularly due to its tactical position at the entrance of Sheikh Zayed Road (SZR). It is situated where major prime businesses and multinationals intersect, presenting B2B clients with a distinct, essential, and impactful advertising prospect. 

SZR serves as the central artery of Dubai’s transportation network, connecting to a substantial audience comprising millions of individuals. These people encounter Hypermedia’s assets during their daily commutes to nearby residential and commercial communities, as well as while shopping in malls or hypermarkets. 

Therefore René, Z Gallery’s latest Artist, an all-new digitized platform, will allow businesses to connect with their audiences in a sustainable, interconnected DOOH ecosystem. A Master of Impression, this bridge carries more than 21 million impressions per spot, over one million Unique Reach, and a Total Reach of 29.67%, making it an exceedingly exceptional platform for launching data-driven campaigns and achieving outstanding brand exposure, reach and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS).  

Hypermedia will leverage René’s digital capabilities to empower advertisers to showcase dynamic and interactive content, fueled by data measurement and analytics. In short, this iconic digital OOH landmark fuses cutting-edge technology, profound creativity and premium location to bolster the impact on SZR. 

“René stands as a notable achievement in our quest to revolutionize DOOH advertising. Blending art, technology and strategic positioning, provides brands an opportune moment to engage audiences and attain astounding measurable outcomes. Coupled with our innovative audience analytic tools, René’s strategic position will enable advertisers to craft data-powered and ROI-focused campaigns,” reaffirms Group COO Philip Matta. 

Empowering UAE’s Communities and Key Locations  

As the company witnesses the tangible impact of its contributions in DOOH, it’s driven to elevate the stakes. In the near future, Hypermedia is actively expanding its network into uncharted territories in the UAE and beyond, strategically winning new communities and prominent locations. Its vision is to ingeniously disrupt and uplift these spaces into vibrant destinations, enabling seamless engagement between both brands and people through cutting-edge smart technologies.