W Group Holding: A New Roadmap Towards Market Dominance


W Group Holding: A New Roadmap Towards Market Dominance

Hypermedia and DXTA Pioneering Regional DOOH and Digital Marketing Solutions 

Habib Wehbi: Revolutionizing the Digital Advertising Landscape

By staff Writer 

April 2024

W Group leadership team enjoys decades of broad industry experience and extensive networks, dedicated to achieving the most impactful results

In a bold move that reflects a significant shift in strategy, W Group Holding, the regional powerhouse behind leading digital Out-of-Home Experiences and Digital Marketing Solutions has unveiled its new visionary roadmap towards market dominance. Under its umbrella, W Group encompasses two dynamic subsidiaries: Hypermedia, a regional player in DOOH, and DXTA Technology, the recently established company that succeeds DigitAll, renowned for its expertise in cutting-edge technology within the digital marketing realm. Under the visionary leadership of Habib Wehbi, Chairman & Group CEO, the group is poised to revolutionize the industry with its ambitious new positioning. Alongside this pivotal restructuring comes a leadership team boasting decades of broad industry experience and extensive networks, dedicated to achieving the most impactful results. Khaled El-Far serves as the Group CFO, while Philip Matta and Ayman Haydar have been appointed as CEOs of Hypermedia and DXTA, respectively. Gerard Rustom holds the position of CCO at Hypermedia, Ghada El-Kari serves as CMO, and Lara El Ghandour as VP of People & Culture. 

“We are embarking on an extraordinary journey to reshape the digital advertising landscape in the region,” declares Wehbi, reflecting on the company’s bold aspirations. “Our new vision and mission underscore our commitment to pioneering innovation, driving transformative change, and exceeding industry benchmarks.” 

Visionary Ambitions 

With a commitment to innovation and excellence, W Group Holding sets its sights on surpassing global benchmarks in Out-of-Home media technology and digital marketing solutions. “Our goal is to pioneer the digital evolution in the region, revitalizing traditional methods to set new industry standards,” affirms Wehbi, emphasizing the group’s dedication to driving transformative change. 

Mission Redefined 

At the core of W Group Holding’s new mission is a dedication to offering an extensive array of cutting-edge communication tools and services. “We aim to amplify brand reach for unparalleled business influence, solidifying our market dominance as the foremost technology company in the region for DOOH media and digital marketing solutions,” declares Wehbi. This strategic approach underscores the company’s commitment to innovation, adaptability, and client-centric solutions. 

The 555 Strategy  

Underpinning this transformative vision is the ambitious 555 Strategy, a bold initiative launched two years ago with the aim of reaching AED 500 million in revenue within five years, based on five verticals for each entity. Remarkably, the group has already achieved 75% of this target within just two years, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. 

“This strategic roadmap has guided our efforts and propelled us towards unparalleled success,” affirms Wehbi. “It serves as a testament to our dedication to setting new industry standards and solidifying our position as leaders in the regional market.” 

Hypermedia’s Evolution 

As a pivotal entity within the W Group Holding ecosystem, Hypermedia undergoes a transformation aimed at enhancing synergy and maximizing revenue opportunities. 

Philip Matta, CEO of Hypermedia, shares his enthusiasm for the company’s revamped verticals, each designed to elevate its position as the premier DOOH and retail media experience company in the region.  

From the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) state-of-the-art Dubai Metro, to iconic destinations such as the globally renowned Expo City and Palm Jumeirah, to Nakheel’s exclusive communities, , and prime outdoor locations as well as bustling malls and hypermarkets, Hypermedia’s DOOH and retail media network, powered by advanced data measurement and cutting-edge technology for triggered ads and real-time analytics, stands at the forefront of brand exposure in the UAE. 

“We are thrilled to unveil our enhanced offerings, which underscore our commitment to innovation and excellence,” states Matta. “From transforming Dubai Metro into an immersive media experience to elevating in-mall and in-store retail media, Hypermedia is poised to captivate audiences and deliver unparalleled measurable brand experiences. Leveraging the latest in AI technology for real-time audience measurements and triggered ads, we are pioneering smart campaigns that ensure effective ROAS and create genuinely engaging experiences between brands and consumers.” 

Furthermore, Hypermedia leverages economies of scale to offer more attractive packages to advertisers, thereby increasing overall revenue. “Our goal is to create a more dominant and influential advertising power, setting new benchmarks in the industry,” emphasizes Matta. 

DXTA’s Innovative Solutions 

In parallel, DXTA Technology, W Group Holding’s subsidiary, embarks on a journey towards comprehensive integration and data-driven insights. By creating a larger, more integrated advertising platform, DXTA appeals to a wider range of advertisers, offering a comprehensive Digital Advertising Network. “We are harnessing data insights from our DOOH and digital marketing endeavors to gain a strategic edge,” explains Ayman Haydar, CEO of DXTA. This holistic approach provides a comprehensive view of a massive target audience, attracting brands and agencies seeking impactful advertising solutions. “Our innovative offerings redefine engagement and empower brands to unlock their full potential in the digital landscape,” says Haydar.  

  1. Unveiling the latest offerings through its transformative 360-degree digital journey, DXTA presents an array of innovative solutions DXTA ADVERTISING navigates the complexities of modern advertising with captivating Programmatic Advertising, precision Social Media Ad Buying, and expertise in Performance Marketing.  
  2. DXTA GAMING pioneers immersive gaming experiences, seamlessly integrating brands into gaming adventures through engaging ad creatives and innovative in-game advertising. 
  3. DXTA DOOH leads the charge of outdoor advertising through three specialized divisions. DXTA Roadside manages audience data and content delivery while offering targeted ads. DXTA Indoor and DXTA Retail, equipped with AI Smart Sensors, expertly handle audience data and content management, serving targeted ads.  DXTA DOOH leverages cutting-edge AI tech to empower marketers with the region’s first indoor real-time audience measurements, instant data analytics, and smart-triggered ads, allowing advertisers to craft data-driven campaigns for maximum impact, and enhancing the in-store experience with dynamic DOOH and retail media. 
  4. DXTA OPTISERV’s upgraded Content Management System ensures personalized experiences tailored to each location, employing precision geo-targeting and daytime scheduling for optimized content delivery.  
  5. DXTA SMARTCITI ‘s Infrastructure Commercialization Consultancy transforms assets into vibrant revenue hubs, offering Commercial Strategies, Digital Signage Consultancy, and Procurement Strategy for sustained success. 

A Unified Front 

As W Group Holding realigns its vision and mission, it emerges as a unified force, poised to revolutionize the digital media landscape. With Hypermedia and DXTA working in tandem, synergizing their efforts, the company solidifies its position as an industry leader, driving innovation, and delivering unparalleled results. 

In the words of Habib Wehbi, “these changes represent our commitment to pushing boundaries, exceeding expectations, and shaping the future of digital advertising in the region.”